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Sunshine Distribution


  • Sunshine distribution is a subsidiary of Sunshine Holding, a diverse holding company, owns 3 ventures in agriculture,  pharma and textile.
  • Sunshine distribution has a strong team with international distribution experts , sales experts and an outstanding support team for branding and investing from Sunshine Holding.
  • Our vision is to become the pioneer in business distribution solution for local SMEs to export high quality products overseas and vice versa.
  • Develop the trading and distribution systems to domestic and abroad markets included:
    FairTrade Garden: The POS system to promote brands and develop markets for international quality standard agriculture products (FairTrade, BioTrade, USDA, EUCert).
    Midori: High quality foods supply service (Door-To-Door) for Expats in Hanoi and Nghi Son EZ.
    Journey Of Taste: A Vietnam specialty product collection for tourists and foreigners.
    Nghi Sơn Organica: A social enterprise to develop an ecosystem from farms to kitchens for consumers and catering within Nghi Son EZ.